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TimeShifter AdeliaMarie
Artist |Student | Varied
Prophecy Chaos is a remarkable story about a prophey
Its about a Prophecy that is misplaced and its embracing the journey of different time periods and worlds
She doesnt know who she is or that she the prophecy
She really meets knew people along the way to find out who she really is To find out what her purpose is
Believing that there is different genres that tie into together
Will she find out who she is and what her purpose is?or will she die trying
Guess you will have to find out~<3 TimeShifters.
Tumblr: Down below…
@ Background All Rights reserve go to SUgermists :)
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Final Decision

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 1:28 AM
  • Mood: Embarrassed
  • Listening to: I dont like it music video on facebook
  • Reading: Notes for story for concepts
  • Watching: Inside out ( in theaters just got done)
  • Eating: I should eat soon
  • Drinking: 7up for the road

So Final Decision - 

- Time Shift Chaos - is still a huge part of a manga that We are still working on and everything. Its just takes a lot of time which a lot of us are busy. Since I have an idea of running multiple mini series to connect to the books. We have each individual stories that are going to tell us about each character. Yes its a lot of them. 

So I am only working on main characters 

- Rayleta ( Airis) ~ Prophecy Chaos
- Sand ~ Time strike
- Mora/ Marie ~ Mental Being 
- Hex ~ Beat of the Soul
- Shadow~ Alchemy Twist
- Jarla~ Evils Twisted Beat
- Laforia~ Sweet Forest 
- Aaron ~ Nothing much life Being 
- Quiela~ Clock Chimed 
-Rain ~ Winter Rain's storm  

So far that's about it that I have so far that I am thinking of creating It depends on the Short backstories on what will be next sometime in the future

    Sand of Times Characters all rights to him for letting me use his characters for this series and being apart of it. Always being the bad ass hero that is also a couple of his characters are ladies men. He has amazing characters and ideas behind there back story. He great in person. He was A very first person who actually stayed to help create a magical story. I believe his personality is fantastic. He love to write and loves to have a collection of weapons. Plays guitar. He is an excellent role playing with his characters in other chat rooms as well. I am so thankful to have him as a great friend and part of the team.
    ( Sand , Shadow, Aaron )  We have Sand price of time - Southern
                                                Shadow- Guardian of Alchemy
                                            Aaron- He is a hedgehog and a God of his world

     RainStormLily- Her main character in the story is who loves to be there and see good in people and we want a certain character for a sisterly type, whose not full of herself and Rain fit the part. She came one day randomly in the chat and was watching in the begining and asked hey what if you guys did this and this. Well we added her and I think she fits well. She a lovely person as well Great member of working together with each other characters to make them feel welcome and like they all have meaning to the story. She great at helping with all the scripting and putting things together. She is one major girl that has helped me with the idea of the whole manga thing. She passes her ideas and we tend to work together really well to fit everyone ideas into it. 

            ( Rain~ Winter Rain's storm) - Guardian of the rain 
    VampireKnight - His characters have an odd characteristics and I believe he just stumbled upon our chat room and also absorbed what was going on. He mostly helps with characters and plot lines work in the story, which we really used him and his talent for. He mainly finds ways to fit his characters into the story line as well and makes his lines fit his part into the story which is brilliant. We all have more and more characters and its really such a huge story series.
   - Hex his character is known for being guardian of music. 

My story behind coming up with all of this idea- One day I was in a anime mood and growing up I always thought the books and shows were so fantastic. I am thinking of an manga would be a unique way of showing my art skill. But I didnt know where to start. Well 3 years ago it was summer in June I believe and I was in the chat room. The head chat that is and you can always see me there from time to time. And I literally saw people role playing and of course people were getting mad about it.
    Well I met Shadyhero who unfortunately we dont get to see him anymore. and I started to talk to him a couple times. and I started to roleplay the first time in a seperate chat room which was created by Honeybunny love her to pieces, that she let us use that chat room for our roleplay.And each week our group got bigger with rain sand etc
Well one day we ( Rain and I were talking and an idea popped into my head ) Like kind of those light bulb moments Lightbulb Lightbulb Lightbulb Lightbulb Lightbulb Lightbulb Lightbulb Idea Emoticon Idea Emoticon Idea Emoticon 
And I mentioned how I would like to use everything we have done and turn it into a huge manga and maybe someday if its popular an anime. Since I plan on going to animation. So i asked everyone and they agreed and thought it was super cool idea. I was like ok come up with a title we tossed some ideas for a title around therefore Time came into place and thanks to Zero who also no longer is around ( college) He finally perked up Time shift chaos. 

We continously try our best now to get all characters and since my last computer literally was a fire hazard  ( stupid sister gave it to me literally like it could catch fire if it over heated ) and I lost all the work. So we continously try our best to recover 2 years worth of roleplay and characters and on top of that add all new things into the fetch of things. So we are super busy!!! on top of jobs and schooling and our daily lives ( which btw mines just school and job) As soon as I graduate high school in 2014 I just got overwhelmed with other stuff and its complicated at times. so :)

~ Thanks to all my fans and our story fans we hope we can get some free time to finally retrieve everything back and I can save enough to get more material and things to make actual books. But for now I will try to keep you guys posted and re work concepts and just keep updates. The best I can. I also want to type up all my writing I literally filled a whole notebook of the first part on book 1 piecing it all together and its got a lot of editing to it I mean alot :faint: remake :faint: I Only Have Eyes for You Faint 3 Inside Out Reaction Icon: Fear fainting GIF  sorry had to add that but I am trying to re write so its just all in notebook and sounds alot better, that way its not in a ruined soiled notebook with the back all damaged and torn. I am not the best at keeping stuff together when it comes to organization:sigh: :sighs: . But I am actually getting alot better confiding it to one to two notebooks of all the concepts and rough drafts. I finally found the day to day paperwork that I thought was missing from my very room.  But I also want to thank the team sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug sigh hug You have done a fantastic job seriously even though we dont really go in the chat room anymore for all your hard work you at least have stuck around and worked hard to try to make it in the chats and work on the story line. I appericate the bond we have all created and we are like one family that we are going insane or staying sane is remarkable. We are finally getting all the plot line and characters coming together back in our vision and grasp. 

I am posting this at 2:30 am and I have to sadly be at work in 8 hours, I dont really sleep but :) Night all you lovely people :WakeUpAndJUUUMP:  sleep well Lots of love. -

:sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep :sleep 
Time with the Prophecy can bring you chaos ~ KeySketch la in love 5 seconds hug 5 seconds hug :cheerup: Love :backhug: 

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak

TimeShift Chaos

Prophecy Chaos Series is Coming Soon its in progress of development ~~~~


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